NC Shearing Machine

NC Shearing Machine

NC Press Brakes NC shearing machine has all the advantages of hydraulic shearing machine. The NC controller adds some more special advantage to machine. The fast and accurate multi position back gauge system is very efficient and accurate. The machine productivity and accuracy are much improved with NC controlled back gauge.

Range: 1 mm to 32 mm | Length: 1250 mm to 6000 mm.

Product Features

  • Variable Rake Angle Design Machines.
  • Better cutting accuracy in thin sheets at lower rake angle.
  • Higher cutting capacity at maximum rake angle.
  • Low noise & smooth operation gives higher efficiency of operator.
  • Automatic Rake angle adjustment.
  • Pre-calibrated easy blade gap adjustment.
  • Multi-steps automatic back gauge program.
  • AC Servo Drive & Timer belt for Back Gauge Movement.
  • Hardened & ground ball screw with linear motion bearings.
  • Stroke counting on screen.
  • Fast production on smaller jobs.
  • Front sheet support.
  • Squaring arm with steel rule for front gauging.
  • Hardened Transfer bars mounted on table.
  • Hold down cylinders.
  • Cutting area illuminated for clear view of blades.
  • Four edgeHCHCr Blade suitable to cut MS & SS or any special material.

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