NC Press Brakes

NC Press Brakes

NC Press Brakes

NC Press brakes are economical and very reliable solution for industry demand. NC hydraulic press brakes are designed to give more accuracy and better productivity. The controller has a facility to program the various jobs with complex bending sequence on screen.

The Numeric Control is used for Two Axis Control:
1. Ram Axis Y
2. Back Gauge Axis X

The program gives facility to bend different bending degrees; different back gauge positions & different open positions. It has a facility to save different programs and same can be reloaded as & when required. The back gauge consists of Flip-top Fingers, Ball Screw & Linear Bearing along with drive.

Range: 20MT to 600MT | Length: 1250 mm to 7000 mm.

Product Features

  • It has a facility to program the assorted jobs includes complex bending sequence.
  • This facility helps to perform complicated bending job in a signal setting and repeatable production.
  • Dedicated controller with LCD monochrome screen & numeric keypad.
  • Bend angle & Depth Mode program.
  • 128 Programs x 16 bends per program can be stored.
  • Stroke control and stroke counter on screen.
  • Highly Precise press brake scale for accurate Y- axis positioning.
  • AC Servo drive for back gauge positioning.
  • Hardened ground Balls screwand linear motion bearing for better position accuracy and longer life.
  • Ram tilting to maintain banding accuracy over period.

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